Manta Pen
Bringing style to ergonomics
There is a vast amount of diversity and choice when it comes to the pen market.
Ergonomic pens are often designed to look a certain way which displays an ergonomic feel towards it. But the result will often be that it becomes over-designed, childish-looking and overall unattractive. The user will sometimes over-look the ugly design for the better feel and function of the pen. But many people will avoid a more comfortable pen because of its look.
There is a large market of luxury pens which the owner of it will display proudly and be an accessory that will be displayed as a jewelry. But expensive luxury pens often lacks the ergonomic aspect for a more minimalistic design.
The idea is to make a more ergonomic pen whilst making it beautiful with a luxurious feel to it to make a consumer not be embarrassed to use a more comfortable pen. Meanwhile designing something which is different both functionally and in appearance from the stereotypical writing tool.
The Manta Pen is an elegant writing instrument which wraps around your finger which makes for effortless writing for an extended period of time. When the pen is not in use it could be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry like any other ring and won’t obstruct the hands mobility. The ballpoint end is revealed by turning the crown on the back of the pen and is hidden by twisting it again. The ink refill can be easily accessed by pulling the two halves apart and picking out the pen part from the mechanics.
The pen consists of two main metal parts enclosing the crown, a pusher, a spring and a clasp keeping the structure together. The outside parts and the crown are made out of aluminum with a glossy finish and the clasp is made out of polypropylene plastic.

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