Make Your Own Workspace
A modular furniture system for the modern office
The impact your office can have on your wellbeing is significant. The modern office is often monotone and offers little variation. It is usually noisy, distracting and does not cater to everyone’s needs. When an employee is able to be comfortable where they work, it improves their well-being and increases their productivity. To make people more effective and happier at their workplace, they should have the ability to choose where and how they work.
The goal of this project was to improve the wellbeing of the user by allowing them to create or choose their own workspace. The modular system allows the user to create an environment that suits the unique workplace best with great freedom. The system also creates the possibility for it to be changed and redesigned to be able to evolve and adapt to the business.
The modular system is as versatile as possible allowing the widest range of assembling possibilities. The aluminum base makes for a tough construction that is easily assembled to other parts with rods that are snapped into place. Sound isolating panels can be put on the sides of the base and easily switched with other modules or replaced when damaged.

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